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I’m Monique Nicole Holmes, Certified Interior Decorator & Business Coach

As a practicing Certified Interior Decorator, and past Advertising & Marketing Executive, I know exactly what it feels like to have worked in the corporate world for a long time, to then transition into the world of Interior Design, and start a business from the ground up.

It’s not easy. When I decided to change careers and start my design business, I knew nothing about interior design, let alone, how to start and run a business in it.

There were no “Interior Design Coaches” for aspiring Designers and Decorators, and I surely didn’t learn the business of design in interior design school, so I had to figure it all out on my own. But the great news is, that doesn’t have to be your journey. 

I made all of the mistakes and learned all of the hard lessons, so that I can show you how to build your dream interior design business the right way without the headache!


Imagine what life as an entrepreneur would be like if you had these freedoms…


Do you dream about the day you can hand in your resignation letter on your job, to start and grow your own business, doing what you love, while helping those you were designed to serve? 

Do you want to have all of the freedoms of an entrepreneur, like time, money, and purpose freedom?

Well, it’s absolutely possible!



Financial Freedom

Earn Unlimited Income, Prepare For Retirement, And Build Wealth And A Legacy For Your Family


Time Freedom

Make Your Own Schedule, Spend Time With The People You Love, While Doing The Things You Enjoy

Purpose Freedom

Be Your Own Boss, Work In Your Purpose, And Do What You Love, While Helping Others

How It All Came To Be…


After going back to school to get my Interior Decorating Degree, I found a mentor and several coaches to teach me the ins and outs of the business, and learned through trial and (many) errors.

I soon realized that there was a huge gap in the industry.

I started to see that we as design professionals, were not being taught, the business side of interior design. We were only being taught the theory of interior design.

Being an entrepreneur at heart, and having amazing success in my own design business, I decided to share and teach what I knew about the business side of design.

Hence, Employee to Designer was born: When you complete the ETD program you’ll be granted 8 IDCEC credits that you can use towards your Interior Design accreditation that Interior Designers need to stay certified.

To learn more about the ETD Program and its courses, and how you can go from Employee to Designer, review the ETD program and it’s courses below and schedule a call to learn how you can start earning IDCEC credits. 

​ETD isn’t just another coaching program. 
It’s your roadmap to freedom.

  Ready to go from Employee to Designer, and create your profitable, 6-figure, residential interior design business?

The Employee to Designer Coaching Program, will teach and guide you in building your own 6-figure interior design business, to smoothly transition from your 9-5, to growing and scaling a profitable, interior design business, all in one program. Get started today on your journey to FREEDOM. 



Emerge, Transition, & Grow

The Employee to Designer Coaching Program is a 3-phase course that teaches you how to build a 6-figure interior design business, transition from your 9-5, and grow and scale your business to 7-figures and beyond. 

Phase 1 – The Emerge Course – is a 12-week hybrid coaching program that takes you step-by-step in building your own 6-figure, interior design business.

Phase 2 – The Transition Course – teaches you how to transition from your 9-5, by replacing your 6-figure salary with your interior design business that you build in the Emerge course. 

Phase 3 – The Grow Course – teaches you how to grow and scale your 6-figure business to 7-figures and beyond. 

Click the button below to to learn more about the Employee to Designer Coaching Program and it’s courses, and how you can go from Employee to Designer today!

Ready to go from employee to designer, and create your profitable, 6-figure, residential interior design business?

The employee to designer emerge program is for you if you’d like to:

01Create a transition plan to replace your income on your job with a 6-figure interior design business

02Launch a profitable 6-figure, residential interior design business in 12 months or less

03Get your first paying client of $20K or higher in your first year of business

No matter where you are in your journey, from recently gaining a degree or certificate in interior design/decorating, to preparing your transition from your 9-5, to being ready to build your design business and hand in your resignation on your job, ETD can help you reach the next phase of your life and business goals.

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the Reviews from real people

Katherine J

“Thank you Monique for all of your insight and knowledge. I have learned how to apply so many things to my business model like marketing automation, developing signature design packages, building my install team, and more! They don’t teach this type of stuff in design school.” 

Katherine J. Employee to Designer Emerge Member

Are you ready to build the life and business, you’ve been praying for?

Join the Employee to Designer 2024 Waitlist.

We are fine-tuning the program, making enhancements, and gearing up for a powerful program to be able to offer you in January 2024.

So if you are ready to transform not only your business but your life by finally building your dream interior design business the right way, so you can escape your 9-5 to pursue your dream of starting your own design business in 2024, join the waitlist to be notified as soon as we open the doors.

You’ll also get exclusive access to our early enrollment offers that won’t be offered to the masses.

We look forward to connecting with you and working with you in 2024!


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