I’m Monique Nicole Holmes, an interior decorator and a business coach for emerging interior designers. I help emerging designers looking to start an interior design business create a six-figure business while working there nine to five. 

So if you are that person who is looking to transition from your job or maybe you’re looking to stay within the workforce, your corporate job, but you want to have an interior design business of your own, I help you achieve that goal.

In this episode, we’ll dive into the second session of the Employee to Designer Coaching series. 

If you were here last week, we talked about figuring out and getting clarity around what you want.

You have to have clarity around those things, and you have to be clear about what it is that you know you want, especially when you’re talking about and thinking about stepping into entrepreneurship and starting a business. 

That episode was really good, and it’s a great segue into tonight’s session and what we’re gonna talk about. 

Tonight’s session is about learning how to transform your mind and create a healthy mindset. Now you may be thinking, why is this important?

And I’m so glad you asked because we’ll discuss it in this episode. 

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